I’m a musician and educator in the Nashville area currently on a journey with hearing loss. Learning to enjoy the silence and befriend the noise, one day at a time. 


New research study!

My new research survey is live! If you have Meniere's disease and listening to music has become unpleasant, I would humbly beg for you to take the following survey:

Have you been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease? Do you find listening to music uncomfortable now as a result? Are you over the age of 18? Then I would love to have you participate in a five-minute survey! This research study will hopefully lead to improvements in hearing aid technologies related to music listening, so your participation is highly valuable! Requires listening with headphones or earbuds, without hearing aids. Cochlear implant recipients are not eligible for this study. Please visit the following link, and thank you for your participation!





When words fail, I make music. This is what it sounds like. Disorienting with moments of synch, unsettling with moments of clarity. Melodic light that somehow breaks through. Gripping an undercurrent of hope. Trying to start and end your day holding on to peace like a warm blanket, even when it just feels like a thread. Accepting today’s circumstances for what they are, and expanding your capacity for all of the above when that variable changes.